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Off-Duty Officer Request

To request an off-duty officer for your event:

Citizens, Business owners or Houses of Worship may hire an off-duty law enforcement officer to provide security for an event. The rate for an off-duty officer is $38.00 per hour with a three-hour minimum. The hiring party shall be held liable to pay compensation for the officer(s) for the full hours scheduled, even if they are released early by the hiring party. The hiring party shall also compensate the officer(s) for any additional hours worked beyond those originally scheduled. The hiring party will be accountable for the three-hour minimum payment if they fail to notify the PRPD of cancellation by at least 24 hours before the scheduled start time.

If the PRPD is unable to find an officer(s) for the event or emergency circumstances arise that would not allow PRPD to fulfill the obligation for the event, the hiring party shall not be liable to compensate the officer(s).

Anyone that wishes to hire an off-duty officer is to contact PRPD Administrative Assistant for further information on the process.

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