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Patrol Division: This is the backbone of the agency that answers your call for service 24/7 and 365. These are the officers you see patrolling the residential and commercial areas of the city day and night. Many of those officers also work in the specialized units as ancillary duties.


Marine Unit: The Marine Unit consists of police officers primarily responsible for patrolling the waterways of Port Richey but is also available to assist neighboring law enforcement agencies if the need arises. Their duties include investigating boating accidents, enforcing boating safety and providing assistance during search and rescue.


Traffic Unit: The Traffic Unit consists of certified police officers primarily responsible for traffic enforcement and safety on the roadways of Port Richey. The unit is also responsible for conducing traffic homicide investigations, DUI enforcement, investigation of day-to-day vehicle accidents and DRE assistance to neighboring agencies.


D.R.E.: A drug recognition expert (DRE), is an individual who has successfully completed all phases of the Drug Evaluation and Classification Program's (DECP) training requirements for certification as established by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). A DRE is skilled in detecting and identifying persons under the influence of drugs and in identifying the category or categories of drugs causing the impairment.

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Bicycle Unit: The Port Richey Police Department uses police mountain bike patrols as a part of its community policing efforts. The unit is part of the patrol division and utilized for proactive enforcement in areas where access is limited and for special city functions. Putting police officers on bicycles provides easier and more personal interaction between citizens and officers and can also be a deterrent to criminal activity.


Community Liaison: The Community liaison officer connects the police department with the community they serve. Liaisons answer questions from community members about police or sheriff's department events, seek opinions from citizens about police practices, and identify community concerns. Every member of the Port Richey Police Department is a community liaison officer even if they do not hold the designation.


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